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Coaching Programmes

I have developed a series of Coaching Packages to help you focus on key areas of change and development. Of course, if you are still unsure, just try Empower or a Kick Start Session and experience how coaching can help transform your future.

I also have an Executive Coaching option for those in management and leadership positions.

If you have any questions about any of the options, please feel free to get in touch at any time.

To book any of the options, simply purchase any on the options below. I will then get in touch with a suggestion of at least two possible dates / times to schedule the appointment.

All services listed below are online via Zoom. In person or face to face options also available. I usually meet clients at their place of work, or other agreed venue, I work in the following locations: London, Bristol, Swindon and Bath. Travel expenses will be added to invoices for face to face sessions.


This is my standard Life Coaching starter option, if you are not sure if coaching is for you. If you know you want to make some personal changes and want to try coaching than this option is for you.

  • Investment: £150.00
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Location: Via Zoom
Get Set GO! - Life Coaching Launch Pad

Get Set GO! - Life Coaching LaunchPad

This option is for those wishing to really focus on developing their life, those that know they want and need to change direction, but something is holding them back.  Its a GREAT starting point in any personal development or life coaching process, the name on this option says it all "Get Set GO! - Life Coaching LaunchPad"!

  • Investment: £295
  • Duration: Two 60 minute sessions.
  • Location: Via Zoom
Kick Start

The Kick Start option is a great starting place if you have some experience with the coaching process. This highly focused session will enable you to look more closely at what drives you, how to change your thinking and make some positive actions for change.

  • Investment: £250.00
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Location: Via Zoom
One Life - One Choice

A great life does not often happen by accident, just like everything else it needs to be designed and actions need to be taken.  As  I often say:

"People spend lots of time and energy planning a two week holiday, but little of no time planning their life... and they wonder why they are unhappy"

This course of Life Coaching Sessions is designed to help you stop, step back and create a vision that will motivate you on a mission to work towards the life you actually want.  We explore limiting beliefs, smash them and install more useful and empowering beliefs that will propel you into the future with confidence.

  • Investment: £495.00
  • Duration: 3 sessions over 3 months (first session 90 minutes, subsequent session 60 minutes).
  • Location: Via Zoom
C-B-T : Your Future Success

C - B -T : Clarify - Build - Transform : Your Future Success 

This programme of personal coaching is for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of what is important to them, so they can let go of negative internal dialog, negative and life limiting beliefs and build powerful motivating goals.  This programme of self-discovery is deep and powerful personal development journey, we will look at values, personal and professional outcomes and work on a strategy for creating change that is lasting and impowering.

Includes a full iWAM Psychometric Profiling.  The iWAM psychometric profiling report shows a person’s strengths and areas of development in the work context in terms attitude and motivation. It measures key motivational and attitudinal patterns in the work-context that directly influence:

  • What you sense and experience from the world around you
  • How you interpret what you experience
  • How you behave and communicate as a result.

In other words,  iWAM helps explain, predict, and influence performance at work by assessing what you pay attention to, how you think, and how you prefer to behave,  the report helps them to understand what motivates them and what makes a good day at work.  Why some tasks are “easy” and others require more effort. Once purchased, you will be send confirmation, and then your login details to access the online profiling tool. A full report will be sent to you and I will take you through the report, explain its meaning and help you develop a strategy to use this information to improve and thrive in your professional life.

  • Investment: £995.00
  • Duration: 5 sessions over 4 months (first session 90 minutes, subsequent session 60 minutes).
  • Location: Via Zoom
Executive - Senior Management - Leadership Coaching

Executive - Senior Management - Leadership Coach

I have been delivering a world class executive coaching for those in Executive , Senior Management and Leadership positions for many years. The coaching I offer senior professionals the time and space to reflect, share their concerns and bounce ideas with a trusted external coach, its a confidential professional coaching relationship that is highly valued by all my clients.

Typically, I suggest we set up a series of sessions over a 3 to six month period, however flexibility is the key to success and so I am often guided by the clients current situation, their desired outcome and overall goals for engaging my service.

I always include an iWAM Psychometric Profiling (included in this package) as part of the first session as it is really helpful for clients to understand their strengths and areas of weakens

  • Investment: £950.00
  • Duration: Initial 3 sessions of between 60 and 90 minutes. Additional sessions can be added; £250 each.
  • Location: Via Zoom