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Reviews & Testimonials – Tony Nutley – Success Coach
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Reviews & Testimonials

I have been in practice for many years, and during this time I have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic people from a range of industries and backgrounds.
This is a small selection of the feedback and testimonials I have received for my work.

Tony is a great coach. He has a natural easy going style which is free of jargon. Coaching sessions with Tony are often illuminating but always challenging and encouraging. ~ Ian Griffiths : Partner at Shakespeare Martinea

I have worked with Tony for many years and he is an excellent coach. I am in no doubt that that the work I have done with him really benefitted my career and progression within the organisation. He is a skilful and dynamic operator and has strong ability to develop potential at the highest level. Great sense of humour as well and I would recommend him in the warmest terms. - Ben Jones : Partner at Thrings Solicitors

I had a coaching session with Tony and he helped me completely reframe the way that I was considering my career choices. 5 years later I’ve had 3 promotions and worked in 3 different countries for the world’s largest contract caterer. The session I had with Tony was a game changer for me and I’ll always be very grateful that I found him. - Matt Gillison ~ Senior Vice President Procurement : Compass Group USA

Tony's ability to listen, hear and understand enables him to utilise his change skills to great effect. With Tony's help, I've found clarity of thought, and confidence in my informed actions. For an organisation looking to appoint a coach, imagine what's possible when your top team performs at its peak and enables those working with and for them to do the same. This is what you'll get with Tony. ~ Dan Leyland : Management Consultant